Umbrellas pvc

Umbrellas pvc

Umbrellas pvc 

Specializing in the installation of high density PVC umbrellas with German industry, Korean industry, Australian industry and Saudi industry for all types of umbrellas in Saudi Arabia

Umbrellas pvc

PVC umbrellas installation

Umbrella Projects Parking We are an innovator enterprise specializing in manufacturing and installing all kinds

of parking umbrellas in all regions of the Kingdom. Such as the Capulei, the semi-circle arch,

and various shapes according to the design of the parking lot. The Foundation

has put its own mark in all the works it has received and achieved a leading name, making it the best choice for all those who wish to build umbrellas.

Projects of parking umbrellas of innovation
Skill in implementing the design professionally and accurately in its completion.


Offering prices and specifications of installation of parapets projects according to the designs of engineering security in modern forms

Commitment to special dates in the beginning of receipt of the request and work of construction and installation of umbrellas and the timing of completion of work
The various designs and shapes offered by the institution of car umbrellas.
Special materials were made in the construction of Korean PVC (PV) and high-pressure (PVC) parachutes
The paragliding projects of the car parks agree with the special standards in safety and protection from the extreme sun and light, which is considered applicable to all types of car shades.
Ensure that the water does not leak from umbrellas during rainy days thanks to the quality of the high quality fabric used by Ebtikar in its projects.
The experienced staff is capable of carrying out the projects of umbrellas for car parking, building and designing in a beautiful and consistent manner

For more inquiries and reservations for umbrella projects please contact us through the following means of communication:
Phone: – 0114354026
Fax: – 0114357841
Mobile: 0506677499
E-mail: apetkar.sa@hotmail.com

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